Clio Virgin Kiss Milky Water Tint [No. 5 Review]

Clio is one of my favorite korean brands, hands down. They are mostly known for their Gelpresso liners (i'll have a review on them as well) but to the the tint that i bought quite some time ago:
Clio Virgin Kiss Milky Water Tint in color Strawberry Kiss No. 5 
(클리오 버진 키스 밀키-워터 틴트 5호 스트로베리키스)

 ☆ I love the packaging! 

☆ Something you can't tell in CLIO's official photos is that the tint has very fine shimmer. But no worries, it doesn't make your lips all glittery like unicorns attacked them.
Awkward lip photos, yes please.
(from left) First photo is my regular natural lips
Second - my lips with CLIO's tint
Third - The oh so famous gradient look
So yes, clearly the tint is pink. :D 

☆ Since it is water and like most tints, it is buildable, you can make it sheer or you can make it as IN YOUR FACE as you like.
☆ I wouldn't say it's drying but it isn't moisturizing either. Lip balm and the tint and you're good to go.
  It's not sticky.
☆ It isn't one of those tints that will leave you with blotchy lips in the morning.

Overall this tint is one of my favorites. I love how watery it is and it will work fine even with dry lips (but you don't want to be walking around with dry lips. Nope) . The only downside is the price but hey, this is an awesome product.

You can get it on ebay here but it's quite overpriced since i got it at 4$ (i am pretty sure it had a discount though) so if you find a cheaper place, comment below!