ETUDE HOUSE: Look at my eyes cafe eyeshadows

And once again Etude House strikes with their cute packaging, this time with their eyeshadows.

Shades from closest:
1.BR402 - Cafe Mocha
2.PP501 - Purple sweet potato (what a name)
3.BR401 - Cafe Latte
Trying to be all artsy, artsy.
From up to down: 
1.BR401 - Cafe Latte
2.BR402 - Cafe Mocha
3.PP501 - Purple sweet potato

A rather neutral shade - Cafe late

Cafe Mocha

Probably my favorite  - Purple sweet potato (the names though :D)

About the eyeshadows:
They are not super pigmented but they are good for the price.
They stay on well (i always use a primer though)
They do not irritate my eyes and my eyes are quite sensitive although it's rare that eyeshadow would irritate my eyes (with cheap chinese eyeshadow exception)
All of these are matte shades

I bought them at for about 4$ one but i can't find them there anymore so you can buy them here (cosmetic-love).