Etude House tint swatches

 From left:
1.Sweet recipe candy stick tint gloss (Orange)
2.Dear darling neon tint (Orange)
3.Pink Tonic (Sweet Pink)
4.Fresh cherry lip tint (peach)

My favorites are the Pink tonic one and Fresh cherry
My lips are very dry so i use the Pink tonic a lot since it's moisturizing and the moisture stays on for quite a long time. For Fresh cherry tint - I enjoy the natural color a lot. I use sweet recipe tint for the gradient look. The color of the packaging is deceiving though - it's not orange. Tch, Etude House... u_u
My least favorite is the neon tint. I like the color but maybe it's just my lips, but it applies rather unevenly. I tend to mix it with the Pink tonic. Also, i know it's a tint but i don't like how hard it is to get the neon tint off.
Ending note: All of the lip products have a sweet, candy smell.~

Bought from - Cosmetic LoveKorea Depart and Gmarket.