MEMEBOX Nail Shop #2 My Fair Lady

Another Memebox because i do kind of love these things!

This box is actually on sale for 12$ right now plus get 5$ off by using my code: S64V

 Here is the little information thingie. The nail polishes are good! They're quite thick so they don't dry in 20 seconds but they do dry fairly quickly. But the vibrant colors are good with one layer.

☆ Here you can see that the green/blue nail polish chipped off the second day but i think that the "sealing" the ends would help as other nails were fine.
☆ Also, you can see that the brown one comes out more streaky with only one layer but it's fine after the second one.
☆ The only problem is that i could not get the black one open but i have not heard anyone else have that problem. >< And the top coat is odd. I don't know what is others' experience but it makes the polish kind of come off - a little bit but still.

☆ This box also had some cute stickers included but i have not tired these yet but sure will later! :)