Etude house Dreaming Swan Dear my blooming lips talk Review

Today it's time for Etude House's Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lips Talk lipsticks... What a long name haha I know this product isn't new but it is still available on Jolse where i got it from. My order came in 8 (!!!) days with free shipping! I love that site!
Look at that adorable packaging... Damn, Etude House. They always have it on point. They are The cute korean brand.

Color? The color i got is PK022. Honestly i am not a big fan of the color. I think it looks awesome on those who have darker skin tone but i am very pale and i feel like it makes me look sick.

Pigment? It isn't super pigmented but it's ok. I wouldn't call it a sheer lipstick.
Texture? Usually i read reviews about products I am about to order but i didn't for this and i should have... I have dry lips and these lipsticks are matte. So it doesn't look that good on my lips. I am not a fan of lipsticks in general and this is why i stick to tints only, lipsticks, especially matte, require too much work. :D
BUT the texture is very nice. It feels satin like. I actually have a matte product in tint packaging from Etude house and it looks fine on my lips. It's the dragging motion that accentuates dry skin.  > n <

It doesn't really make a big difference for me. I should've gotten a different color.

2.5/5 for me personally.  I am sure it will work for other people and i have read good reviews about it. :)

P.S I've found my new favorite tint that i will be making a post about soon.~