Etude House Blend For 4 eyes Review

Well. A lot has changed ever since the last time i wrote here...
Boom! I'm in Korea now! 

I was eyeing these shadows for a while and the last time i was in Etude House i just picked these up. The pigmentation seemed good and i am not disappointed after using them.~

These were around 12000 won (~11$) 

This is in color Dry Rose
I'll be honest, the burgundy shade got me. The pigmentation is great! I tried other shades at Etude that were similar but they lacked pigment. 
These eyeshadows been out for a while but the little palette seems so Fall for me and now that October is here... (doesn't feel like Autumn where i live in Korea at all, except for the trees that are slooowly~ changing in color)

Yes, burgundy shade (called Rose Bouquet). I like you. Lots. The color reminds me of Clio's Gelpresso eyeliner Bloody Devil.
From top to bottom: 
Rose berry
Rose garden
Perfumed potpourri (popuri... poopourri... ok i will stop)
Rose Bouquet

Swatches using brushes. The shimmery ones are better with fingers.